Saturday, May 1, 2010


I've heard this term tossed around a lot and I always thought it was kind of silly. Either you're a vegetarian or you aren't. The more I think about it though, I acknowledge that there's a whole lot of difference between a non-vegetarian who occasionally eats fish or a salad with some goat cheese and a non-vegetarian who eats meat three times a day and washes it down with a big glass of chocolate milk. The difference is huge, so why shouldn't it have a name and be considered a separate eating style?
I've been toying with vegan cooking and eating for a few months now, and I love love love it. I still eat whatever Mom cooks when I visit though, and I might order restaurant meals with a little meat, egg or dairy. My diet is largely plant-based, but I do still include some animal products, so I guess I fall into the camp of "Flexitarianism," and I think I'll stay this way for awhile. I think I've found a nice balance for me that feels good to my body and doesn't trigger my obsessive tendencies, as veganism tends to do.
What do you think about flexitarianism?


  1. i'm flexible with what i eat, especially in social settings. i don't like labels, so i would just say flexibility helps me stay on the raw/vegan path.=)

  2. Well I actually was a flexitarian for two years before I went vegetarian. I feel that lables are too constricting, but in the case of this it is a perfect definition for someone who is following a different path. If that makes sense.

  3. Nothing wrong with flexitarianism! Freedom of choice is a powerful thing, and not banning yourself from anything is good for your head, I think. I too was flex for a couple years before I decided that meat and cheese and such had just become downright unnecessary. And you're right, there is a world of difference between a classic meat-eater and a flex.

    Last night I was out with my boyfriend and three of his friends, and they were thinking up places to eat - pizza, Mexican, a diner - but kept looking at me and saying "Oh, but there's nothing you can get there." I beg to differ! No-cheese veggie-loaded pizza, cheeseless black bean enchiladas with rice, chips, and salsa, or a grilled veggie wrap with fries or potatoes - easy! It's been awhile since I was asked "So what do you EAT, then?" and it always takes me aback. People tend to eat the same 4-5 meats, plus milk (1 item) and cheese (1 item). And on my plate are potentially HUNDREDS of varieties of vegetables, fruits, seeds, legumes, nuts, grains, etc. And they wonder what I eat?! I don't get it!

    Sorry for the novel... :]