Thursday, March 25, 2010

Eezy Cheezy

I'm not sure how I feel about nooch. I know it's super healthy and is a great vegan source of vitamin B12, but the taste is a little weird to me.

Still, I didn't want to give up on such a beneficial food; it has to taste good somehow.

I found a cheeze sauce recipe in a cookbook, but of course I decided to change it due to a lack of time, ingredients, and willingness to take orders.

It was really easy.

Eezy Cheez

2 C veggie broth (I used chicken broth because it's all I had)
1/4 C whole wheat flour
3/4 C nooch
1 t mustard (I think, I just squirted it in)
1 T lemon juice (or more, see above)
1/4 t salt
garlic powder to taste
pinch of thyme
cracked black pepper

Over high heat, whisk together broth and flour until smooth. Add all other ingredients and continue stirring with the whisk. After a few minutes, it will get thicken and get bubbly. Let it go for a little while until the bubbles have a hard time popping and it looks like...em, lava I guess. (maybe I should rename this recipe "Lava cheeze") Remove from heat and let cool a little bit so you can eat it without getting mouth blisters. It will get a skin on top; either remove it or whisk it back in.

Lousy photo courtesy of my lousy camera

I dipped in a spoon for a sample, and I was pleasantly surprised. Hooray! I found a way to make nooch taste good! It didn't taste like cheddar or anything...I really can't describe what it tasted like. Sort of a smoky, nutty flavor. It was darn good though. My brain ran away with ideas for pastas, nachos, a mexican and italian version, mac and cheez, soup, etc.

So what did I do with this delicious pot 0' gold?

I put it on toast. Everything good tastes good on toast. My boringness frightens me sometimes. Also, I wasn't very hungry, just needed a little something. Today was a stressful day, and I kinda took it out on the last of my Kella Kookies. And a bag of homemade apple chips.

My cheezy toast with green pepper, broc, jicama, and grapefruit.
I also got a little cup of cheezy sauce for dipping.

So get used to the cheezy sauce, because I have plans for it, big plans! Are you in Mynah bird? (Children's book called Big Plans. It's a goodie.)

I gotta go get Louka down from the window. Spyin' on the neighbors again, naughty kitty.



  1. have you seen my post on nooch with 11 recipes?

    and re your comment and linking and such...although you think no one is reading your blog, I am :) and one day a whole lotta ppl will. And it's good etiquette and form to get the linkbacks down pat so no one feels they got their toes stepped on, ya know :)

  2. Yeah, working on that blog etiquette stuff. And thanks for reading! I'll really be careful with my links and stuff because even though I'm pretty nonchalant, a lot of people do care about it.

  3. I HATED nooch the first time I tried it, but somehow it turned into something I absolutely love. The same thing happened with sushi...I can't explain it. Glad you found a preparation of it that you liked!

  4. Nooch is weird for me; some days I like it and other days I love it. Sushi was love at first bite though. I hardly ever get to eat it, but when I do, I enjoy it guilt-free.