Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Three yummy lunches

I love coming home between school and work for a homemade lunch. I usually for for something light because I like to snack in the afternoon. Here are three lunchies I made this week:

A big ol' green salad with avocado, peppers, broc, and homemade carrot-orange-ginger dressing.

Carrot-orange-ginger dressing:

5 or 6 baby carrots, or 1 or 2 large ones
Up to 1/4 C OJ
2 t mac nut oil (optional)
ginger to taste

Blend until smooth. Add a little more oj to keep things moving.

Wrap with whole wheat torilla, chickpeas, salsa, avocado, spinach, and fresh chives.

And the lunch of the week:

Sesame maple ginger glazed tofu on a humongous salad!

I got this recipe from the incomparable Averie from Love Veggies and Yoga! I loved it so much, I think it might be my lunch tomorrow too.
But go check out Averie's blog; it's one of my very favorites and her recipes are out of this world. I recommend the peanut sauce with zuke noodles and the raw cookie dough balls. Also, Averie is an amazing Yogini, so if you're looking for a side of yoga tips with your dinner, she's your girl.

Recipe is here.

Ok Kella, less blogging and more homework. Four more weeks till graduation.

Happy eating!



  1. your 1st comment worked, it went thru but then i got your 2nd one too so here i am to say you made the tofu and it looks great!!
    thanks for linking back and i hope you have an awesome nite, hon!!!!

  2. Stupid computer pretended it didn't work the first time. Whoops.

  3. So many pretty colors! I love big and vibrant salads.