Thursday, April 15, 2010

Almost done!

I graduate one week from tomorrow! Four years of working my tail off and I'm finally getting my BS in English Creative Writing! I'm staying with my current job for the summer and I'm going to try to get my novel published, so life is good and let's see how everything works out, huh?
So here are some of the culinary adventures I've been up to, in no particular order:

Green smoothie making in my new Blendtec! This one is banana, papaya, and kale with a little almond milk.

More creative lunches. This is seitan with barbacue sauce (Amber Shea, avert your eyes!) and a salad topped with homemade baked kale chips! When I first made the seitan, I thought the texture was a little weird, but I found it gets lots better after it sits in the fridge overnight or even for a few days.

Chocolate peanut butter thumbprint cookies, to feed my pb and chocolate addiction. I found these on Pursuing Balance, so go say hi to Meredith and pick up this yummy recipe!

Banana softserve, courtesy of my Blendie. I got a huge case of overripe bananas from work, so I peeled them all and stuck them in two plastic ice cream buckets in my freezer, so I just pull a few out and blend whenever I want ice cream! I usually mix it with cocoa powder, but it's more photogenic this way.

Congratulations to any other students for finishing another semester, and double hooray's if you're graduating.


PS- Louka, my kitty is curled up next to me asleep, and she's snorting like a little piglet! I've never heard a cat do that.


  1. great eats mckella!
    ok so you have a blendtec. I have one too but never use it b/c it's too technical for me. the electronic gadgetry is too weird. I like my vitamix b/c it's a radio-knob dial, old school but works. I also dont like the lack of a tamper stick in the blentec. clearly yours is working for you but if you have any tips, hit me up in my comments!

  2. Congrats on graduating! It's a huge accomplishment and, I'm sure, relief at the same time.

    Haha, I did indeed need to avert my eyes from that poor defenseless seitan cutlet languishing beneath the BBQ sauce, but you redeemed yourself with the choc-PB cookies :P

  3. Congrats on graduating, McKella! I was also an English Writing Major back in the, it's hard to believe it, but I graduated college 15 years ago!!!

    Congrats again! And Yummy Chocolate & PB!


  4. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! That's so exciting. I'm glad you liked the cookies!