Thursday, April 8, 2010

Meant to be?

About an hour after posting yesterday's "To run or not to run", I check my mailbox and found a letter from a group called Team in Training, a group that participates in athletic events like marathons and adventure hikes to raise money for blood cancer research. I've been looking for a way to volunteer or do SOMETHING for someone else, and I don't think it was coincidence that this ended up in my mailbox the day I decided I want to make running a part of my life. I RSVPed to the information meeting in three weeks, and until then I'll work on running to see if this is something I can do. Can I really run a half-marathon by the end of October?
Maybe helping people with leukemia will give me the push I need. I guess if I'm not up for the half-marathon, I can do an adventure hike. I'm a decent hiker already and if I can hike eight hours through the bamboo jungles of China, I can hike through Zion National Park.
Thoughts anyone? Am I going overboard? This feels right to me.
I got up early to go for a short run this morning before class. I was out for about thirty minutes, and I ran most of the first half and power-walked the uphill ending. I felt great when I got home, and I love that rosy-cheeked feeling. I want to make this a habit.

Have an awesome Thursday.



  1. having a goal of being able to run a mini by october sounds very realistic. plus, it will give you a really strong motivation to keep up your morning runs! that rosy-cheeked feeling makes the run worth it, every time :)

  2. wow thats really cool! you hiked through CHina? thats amazing!

    i have yet to run a 5K im kinda a weak runner but i love goal is to run a 5K in August or September :D so i fully support u i think it'll definitely motivate u to run! As long as its something u look forward to doing and not seen as somethign stressful! Exercise should not be a chore!


  3. Thanks for the comments! And Lena, I went to China last summer for a study abroad and we visited Foping Reserve in the Quinling mountains. We didn't see any pandas or takin or anything, but it was amazing to explore such a different landscape. Hiking through bamboo is a pain in the everything by the way.

  4. I think you can do it. I'd recommend going to and creating a half-marathon training program; it's less intuitive than you might think. I know when I started getting serious about running, I absorbed a ton of information in a very short time, and it helped me go from a hardly-ever runner to running a marathon in less than a year. Go for it!

  5. Thanks Amber Shea! I'll do that today!